3 Ways To Get Blue Penguin Graphics Promo Codes

3 Ways To Get Blue Penguin Graphics Promo Codes

3 Ways To Get Blue Penguin Graphics Promo Codes




20% off Share Discount

The easiest way to get a one-time 20% off coupon is to share Blue Penguin Graphics link on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed in a Public mode. You can share any link you want from our website and add your own opinion about us. Simply send the link to your post to our Support team, receive the coupon code and export your single high-quality graphics with a 20% discount.

Send us a message with a link to the post, tweet, website page...


10% off Facebook Review Discount

You can share your experience with Blue Penguin Graphics on our Facebook Page. Write a small review about us, and your contribution will be rewarded with a 10% off coupon code!

Send us a message with your user name so we can confirm your review


20% off for Affiliates

Join Blue Penguin Graphics Affiliate Program and share your affiliate link with friends and followers. Receive 10% commission for every complete sale that arrived via your links [cookie for 12 months] + Get a 20% off promo code.

Join Blue Penguin Graphics Affiliate Program 



How to apply a promo code on Blue Penguin Graphics?

Go to your Payment page.

Add the promo code in the Discount bar and click "Apply"

*Promo Codes can used only 1 time by the user and you may only use 1 promo code per order.

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